S2E2: Study Saturday - Have You Ever...? (ことがある)

We introduce our language series, Study Saturday!

In this episode of Nihongo Master podcast, we introduce our language series, Study Saturday!

They’re going to be very similar to the lessons Nihongo Master offers, so if you realise you love Study Saturday, you’ll love our interactive online learning system.

Podcast host Azra says, “Before we get to playing “Never Have I Ever”, we gotta know how to ask the basic question: Have you ever…?

It’s a pretty basic and casual question that we don’t realise we use it all the time — until we need to say it in a different language, and we go, “How do we say that again…?”

And it’s also a perfect conversation starter! What better way for us to ease into this fresh and new series than a conversational grammar point to get the ball rolling.

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