S1E12: Ghosts and Ghouls (Halloween Special)

This special Halloween episode involves us telling Japanese ghost stories!

In this special episode of Nihongo Master podcast, we tell Japanese ghost stories!

If you’re a film fan, you’ll be well aware that Japanese ghosts are some of the most terrifying out there — it takes a brave soul to get through the whole of The Grudge or The Ring without hiding behind a cushion.

These stories are filled with restless spirits, flesh-eating monsters, and enough blood and guts to make George A Romero weep with joy.

Podcast host Azra says, “Superstitious villagers in Japan have been swapping ghostly folk tales for centuries, and plenty of them could give any modern Hollywood horror flick a run for its money.”

We’ll be looking at three different ghost stories from Japan, which were collected and translated by the famous gaijin writer Lafcadio Hearn, who lived here around 120 years ago.

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