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S5E9: Study Saturday - Helping Verbs Part II (てあげる・てくれる・てもらう)

This is the second part of helping verbs grammar, where we cover te ageru, te kureru and te morau.

S5E8: 5 Underrated Ways to Have Fun Like A Local in Japan!

This list of fun locally loved activities is a sneak peek at the kind of life you can live in Japan!

S5E7: Surprising Secrets About Japan Life, with YouTuber Cyber Bunny

Podcast host Azra is joined by Cyber Bunny in this special episode about life in Japan!

S5E6: Study Saturday - Helping Verbs Part I (ていく・てくる)

This week’s Study Saturday is the first of two parts on helping verbs!

S5E5: The 3 Best Types of Housing in Japan

In these next few minutes, we’re taking a look at our choices of housing in Japan!

S5E4: Study Saturday - It's Easy/Hard To... (やすい・にくい)

Find stuff easy or hard to do? Let’s learn how to say that in Japanese in this week’s Study Saturday, our podcast language series!

S5E3: 5 Surprising Culture Shocks in Japan

What are some of the most surprising culture shocks you can experience in Japan? Here are the 5 we shortlisted!

S5E2: Study Saturday - I've Decided To... (ことにする・にする・ことになる)

The first Study Saturday episode of Season 5 discusses how to express decision making with ことにする, にする and ことになる.

S5E1: Top 3 Pros & Cons of Living in Japan

The first episode of Season 5 looks at 3 pros and 3 cons of living in Japan!

S4E16: Travel To Japan...On A Budget

This week’s our last episode for the season with the ‘Japan Travel’ theme, and we’re wrapping it up with...Japan On A Budget!

S4E15: Study Saturday - That's The Best! (一番・最も・最〜)

We’re looking at superlatives today. All the ways to say “the best”, “very”, “super”, “extremely” and everything else in between, we’re covering that in the next couple of minutes.

S4E14: Unique Japanese Lodgings

We’ll be looking at the various types of unique accommodations you can find only in Japan!

S4E13: Study Saturday - The Te-Form

We’re going back to fundamentals, and what’s more fundamental in Japanese grammar than the te-form?

S4E12: Japan’s Top 4 Quirky Travel Activities

Aside from sightseeing and eating, what are other Japan travel activities? We give you a shortlist of our favourite quirky ones: themed cafes, purikura, mario go-karting and cosplay!

S4E11: Study Saturday - It's Okay To... (てもいい)

This episode of Study Saturday covers everything you need to know about giving and asking for permission with “it’s okay to”.

S4E10: Shop Till You Drop! (A Virtual Japan Shopping Spree)

Let’s chat about something pretty close to most ladies’ hearts: shopping!

S4E9: Japan Travel Tips, With A Side of Anime (ft. TikTokker Gino Kei)

Podcast host Azra is joined by @TikTok-er Gino Kei (@heyginosan on Instagram) for a fun chat about Japan travel, Japanese culture and anime — ending it off with a mini-lesson for all!

S4E8: Study Saturday - I Hope/It'll Be Good If... (といい・ばいい・たらいい・ならいい)

We look at how to say “I hope…” or “It’ll be good if…” You know, like I hope this global pandemic goes away soon so we can all go back to normal life and travel again…

S4E7: Sakura Spotting

Goodbye winter, hello spring! As we speak, the beautiful pale pink flowers we all know and love are taking over the landscape of Japan!

S4E6: Study Saturday - Directions

We cover some of the basics in this Study Saturday: directions!

S4E5: Of Bullet Trains & Rails

In this episode, we won’t be virtually travelling to any particular city in Japan but rather focusing on the means of going from one to the other.

S4E4: Study Saturday - Too Much/Not Enough! (すぎる・足りない・十分がない)

This episode of Study Saturday will guide you through all the language you need to navigate through the excessive and insufficient!

S4E3: Munch Away At These Japan Eateries!

Move aside ramen-ya and kaitenzushi — we’re here for the other unique types of Japanese eateries!

S4E2: Study Saturday - I Need... (必要がある・要る)

Our 13th Study Saturday guides you through how to express what you “need” in life!

S4E1: Travel to Japan - The Basic Bucket List

We’re happy to introduce you Season 4’s theme: travel! And to kick it off, let’s look at what should be on your Japan bucket list!

S3E14: The Spirit of 気

We dig deep into the meaning and usage of the Japanese word “気”, along with 9 essential phrases.

S3E13: Study Saturday - If... (と・ば・たら・なら)

In the 12th Study Saturday brings you four ways to express the conditional form, “if”.

S3E12: Idol Culture

What is idol culture in Japan? We answer that and more!

S3E11: Study Saturday - More/Less Than... (のほうが..より・より・ほど)

We talk about making comparisons using more or less than as part of our Study Saturday language learning series!

S3E10: Love Is in the Air! (Romantic Holidays in Japan)

Celebrate romance the Japanese way with these top romantic holidays in Japan!