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S7E2: Study Saturday - It Begins... (始める)

How do you say "I begin..." in Japanese? Tune in to this week's Study Saturday for your bite-sized grammar pointer!

S7E1: The Matsuri Culture in Japan

Season 7 is all about matsuri, or festivals! Tune in to our first episode for a glimpse into the matsuri culture in Japan!

S6E14: What It's Like to Work in Japan ft. YouTuber Ellie Fox (Bonus Q&A Section!)

Our finale episode features a very special guest: Ellie Fox! In this season recap, we discuss our experiences on working in Japan, job hunting, visa sponsorship, and Japanese language ability for working in Japan. Oh, and a bonus Q&A section!

S6E13: Study Saturday - Transitive & Intransitive Verbs

In Japanese, these two types of verbs are classified under transitive and intransitive verbs. We take a look at what they are, how to identify them and how to use them in a sentence!

S6E12: All You Need to Know About Japanese Work Visas!

You cant work in Japan without a working visa — find out how to get one in this episode!

S6E11: Study Saturday - Japanese Job Interview!

Not sure what to say in a Japanese job interview? We give you a run-through of a basic one here in this exclusive Study Saturday episode!

S6E10: 3 Tips for Acing That Japanese Job Interview!

Interviews are tough, let alone in a different language. Here are three major tips to acing that mensetsu!

S6E9: Study Saturday - Basic Keigo Part II (Humble Form)

The second part of basic keigo is here — as part of our language series, Study Saturday, we break down the humble form in Japanese polite speech!

S6E8: The 4 Aspects of Japanese Business Etiquette

Etiquette is a huge part of Japanese culture — do you know Japanese business etiquette? Here are 4 aspects you should know!

S6E7: 3 Pros and 3 Cons of Working in Japan (And A Bonus!)

There's always a positive and negative in everything — in this episode, we look at the pros and cons of working in Japan! Stay till the end for a bonus point!

S6E6: Study Saturday - Basic Keigo Part I (Honorific Form)

Keigo is known to be scary, and difficult to learn. We made it simple in this episode, breaking down the honorific form.

S6E5: The Japanese Working Mindset (For Interviews, Too!)

We know that the Japanese have a rich and unique culture, and that affects how they think and act at work. Decipher the Japanese working mindset with us in this episode!

S6E4: Study Saturday - I Was Forced to… (Causative Form させる)

The causative form can have two meanings: causation and permission. Figure out how to conjugate and use it in this Study Saturday episode!

S6E3: Top 5 Tips to Job Hunting in Japan!

Finding a job is hard enough, let alone in a different country. We’re giving you some job-hunting tips to find a sweet position in Japan for you!

S6E2: Study Saturday - I Was…By… (Passive Form られる)

The passive form is significant in Japanese language, but the conjugation can be a little tricky. We break it down easy for you in this Study Saturday episode!

S6E1: 5 Best Jobs for Foreigners in Japan!

Welcome to Season 6: Working in Japan! Our first episode highlights the best jobs to take on as a foreigner in The Land of the Rising Sun!

S5E16: What They Don't Tell You About Life in Japan

There’s always the plus and minus side to living in any new country — what is it for Japan? Listen to podcast host Azra’s experience and insight into her life in Japan, plus a special Q&A section where we answer your submitted questions!

S5E15: Study Saturday - Words and Phrases for Special Dietary Requests

If you have any dietary restrictions — whether it's vegan, vegetarian, halal, gluten-free or lactose intolerant — we've compiled a list of words and phrases for making special requests when dining in Japan!

S5E14: Live in Japan...On A Budget!

If you’re familiar with our first “Japan on A Budget” episode in Season 4 about travel, we have a Japan life version!

S5E13: Study Saturday - Only... (だけ・しか〜ない・ばかり・ただ)

There are only a handful of ways to say “only” in Japanese, and this episode of our language series breaks down 4 of the most commonly used ones, along with some roleplaying scenarios exemplifying them!

S5E12: 5 Step-By-Step Guide to Settling Down in Japan!

Want to know how to start your life in Japan? There’s a lot of nitty-gritty, but we’ve simplified it into 5 steps!

S5E11: Study Saturday - I Must/Have To… (なければ・なくては〜ならない・いけない)

There are more than a few ways to express “must” and “have to”, and this Study Saturday episode will break it down nice and easy for you!

S5E10: How to Socialise in Japan

In this episode, as part of the “Life in Japan” theme, we chat about an interesting aspect of life in Japan: the socialising culture.