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S11E2: Study Saturday - Japanese Particles

Particles are the first few things you notice when learning Japanese is the particles. Podcast host Azra covers the most important particles you need in the next few minutes!

S11E1: How Significant is Sakura in Japanese Culture?

Sakura is a thing of the past, present and future of Japan. The unofficial flower of Japan is going to be the topic to kick this new season off!

S10E14: Discuss Japanese Mannerisms with TikToker Matcha Samurai!

In this season finale episode, TikToker Matcha Samurai joins our host Azra in discussing the various aspects of Japanese mannerisms, including sharing personal experiences.

S10E13: Study Saturday - From...Until... (から・まで)

As you read from the title, we’re going to break down the way to say “from…until…” in Japanese!

S10E12: Proper Etiquette For These 3 Japanese Occasions

This episode will cover a few different special occasions along with the unique customs and mannerisms that come with them: weddings, funerals, and home visits.

S10E11: Study Saturday - Romantic Japanese Phrases to Use on Valentine's Day!

As part of our Valentine's Day special episode, we discuss a few romantic phrases in Japanese to use this upcoming romantic holiday!

S10E9: Study Saturday - While... (ながら)

Do you do two things at the same time? Learn this grammar point "while" to express that in Japanese!

S10E8: Top 5 Rules on Japanese Work Behaviour

At work, you gotta behave. But in a Japanese work environment, different rules apply. In this episode, podcast host Azra lists down five rules to follow when at work in Japan.

S10E7: Essential Japanese Etiquette For Travellers

Japanese mannerisms are abundant, and some might say that there are a bit too many to remember in a short period of time for a short trip. Podcast host Azra gives more of an overview of a very popular collection of Japanese mannerisms in this episode, and that’s those for travellers!

S10E6: Study Saturday - And... (と・や・〜て)

In this week's episode of Study Saturday, we look at the various ways to say "and" in Japanese!

S10E5: Japanese Table Manners

Podcast host Azra walks down the fundamentals of Japanese table manners in this episode!

S10E4: Study Saturday - Because... (から・ので)

As part of our Study Saturday language series, we discuss two ways to say "because" in Japanese!

S10E3: The Proper Etiquette to Japanese Greetings!

Greetings are a crucial part of any conversation. Tune in to learn how to do it the proper way in Japanese culture!

S10E2: Study Saturday - Conjugating Adjectives

In this episode of the Study Saturday language series, we go through step-by-step how to conjugate Japanese adjectives!

S10E1: The Very Basics of Japanese Mannerisms!

To kick off this fresh new season, we cover the very basics of Japanese mannerisms with four very important points!