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S3E13: Study Saturday - If... (と・ば・たら・なら)

In the 12th Study Saturday brings you four ways to express the conditional form, “if”.

S3E12: Idol Culture

What is idol culture in Japan? We answer that and more!

S3E11: Study Saturday - More/Less Than... (のほうが..より・より・ほど)

We talk about making comparisons using more or less than as part of our Study Saturday language learning series!

S3E10: Love Is in the Air! (Romantic Holidays in Japan)

Celebrate romance the Japanese way with these top romantic holidays in Japan!

S3E9: Study Saturday - You Should... (ほうがいい)

By the end of this episode of Nihongo Master podcast, the tenth Study Saturday, you will be asking and giving advice in Japanese like a pro!

S3E8: Karaoke & Kabuki (Japanese Entertainment)

What are some unique Japanese entertainment?

S3E7: Let's Talk About Learning Japanese! Tips & Techniques with Asriel

We chat with Asriel Olivares about Japanese language learning, tips and techniques, as well as a review of Nihongo Master’s online learning system.

S3E6: Study Saturday - Perhaps/Maybe... (たぶん・かもしれない)

In our ninth Study Saturday, we learn how to express possibility with “perhaps” or “maybe” in Japanese.

S3E5: Tattoo Taboo

We talk about the “taboo” topic of tattoo culture in Japan.

S3E4: Study Saturday - I Can... (ことができる・〜られる)

We look at how to say “I can…” in Japanese in this Study Saturday episode.

S3E3: The Art of Gift-Giving

Lets take a look at the unique Japanese art of gift-giving!

S3E2: Study Saturday - My New Year's Resolution is to Try... (〜てみたい)

We discuss how to say “I’ll try…” as part of our Study Saturday language series!

S3E1: Coming of Age Day

Let's chat about Japan’s Seijin no Hi holiday — also known as Coming of Age Day.

S2E13: The Magic of Japanese Winter

We talk about the magic of Japanese winter.

S2E12: Study Saturday - I Got/Gave...For Christmas! (あげる・くれる・もらう)

In our fifth Study Saturday, we look at how to express we got something, gave something, and someone gave something to us for Christmas!

S2E11: Japanese Artists of Today

Let's discuss about a few of the top Japanese contemporary artists!

S2E10: Study Saturday - I Want... For Christmas! (〜たい・欲しい)

In our fifth Study Saturday, we discuss how to express our desires and wants (for Christmas, especially) by saying “I want...”.

S2E9: Ceremonial Stages of Life

We talk about the various ceremonial stages of life!

S2E8: Study Saturday - I Think... (と思う)

In our fourth Study Saturday, we talk about expressing opinions using "I think..."

S2E7: The Japanese Avant-Garde Trio

We look at the Japanese fashion triumvirate.

S2E6: Study Saturday - Do You Know...? (知っている・わかる)

In our third Study Saturday, we talk about ways to ask and answer, “do you know...?”

S2E5: Bento Craze

We’re all about that packed lunch in a box, also known as a bento.

S2E4: Study Saturday - It Looks Like... (そう・みたい・ようだ・っぽい・らしい )

We give you a second Study Saturday with the grammar points for “it looks like…”!

S2E3: Tunes & Beats

Listen to Japanese tunes and beats!

S2E2: Study Saturday - Have You Ever...? (ことがある)

We introduce our language series, Study Saturday!

S2E1: Japanese Cinematography

Let's talk about Japanese film!

S1E14: Mix Business With Nature, featuring Overland Japan

In this episode of Nihongo Master podcast, we spice things up a bit — an interview with Overland Japan about all things business and nature!

S1E13: A Gēmu of Thrones

We talk about the lives and times of the Japanese Emperors (and Empresses)!

S1E12: Ghosts and Ghouls (Halloween Special)

This special Halloween episode involves us telling Japanese ghost stories!

S1E11: The Picture of Politeness (Japanese Etiquette)

Manners make the people, and the people make the country. The Japanese are famously known for their politeness, and we have their highly-valued customs to thank for that.