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S12E14: Discussing Japanese Fashion Evolution with Japan Web Magazine!

Join podcast host Azra and our special guest, Anna from Japan Wireless and Japan Web Magazine, as they discuss Japanese fashion through their own experiences and observation.

S12E13: Study Saturday - Completely/Accidentally Do... Part 2 (ちゃう・じゃう)

This week is a continuation of last week’s Study Saturday, where we were looking at how to say “I completely or accidentally did” something. Podcast host Azra covers the usage of "chau" and "jau".

S12E12: Is There Japonism in Fashion?

As part of our "Japanese Fashion" theme, we’ll be looking today is Japonism in fashion - looking at how Japanese fashion influenced other parts of the world, back then and today.

S12E11: Study Saturday - Completely/Accidentally Do... Part 1 (てしまう)

For this week’s Study Saturday, we are going to dive a little deeper into the world of Japanese grammar. We’re looking at one out of two ways to say “accidentally do” or “completely do” something in Japanese, using "te shimau". We’ll cover the second way of saying it in next week’s episode.

S12E10: Origins and Evolution of the Famous 'Sukajan'

The Japanese bomber jacket known as 'sukajan' has been blowing up the streets and Instagram feeds. And when fashion enthusiasts (and even those who are not) find themselves in Japan, snagging a Japanese bomber jacket is basically senseless — it’s the perfect fashion souvenir.

S12E9: Study Saturday - To Become... (になる・くなる)

This week, podcast host Azra is going to cover one of the basics: how to say “to become”, which uses “naru” in Japanese. It’s one of the first few grammar points you’ll learn in Japanese language learning school.

S12E8: What is Japanese Golden Week?

There’s nothing busier than Golden Week in Japan — the tourism industry booms every year during this time as people plan big vacations domestically as well as abroad. We take a look at what exactly is golden week, and how you can celebrate it like a local!

S12E7: 3 Expectations VS Reality of Japanese Fashion Culture

Podcast host Azra believes it would be fun to have an expectation vs reality: Japanese fashion version — because what we read and see online about the fashion scene in Japan is not exactly how it is like in real life.

S12E6: Study Saturday - Not Much/Really... (あまり〜ない)

Have you ever felt like you’re just a tad hungry, or need to say that you don’t really like something? This Study Saturday episode will teach you how to say that and more. We’re going to look at how to say “not very” or “not much” in Japanese.

S12E5: Japanese Street Fashion - Then, Now And A Fun How-To Guide

Japan’s basically the OG of streetwear. In this episode, we take a look at the origins of Japanese street fashion, how it is today and a quick guide on how to get all decked up in Japanese streetwear.

S12E4: Study Saturday - I'm Good/Bad At... (上手・下手)

This week’s Study Saturday looks into learning how to say: "good or bad at something".

S12E3: Kimono, Japan's Most Iconic Traditional Clothing

Podcast host Azra neatly compartmentalises all you ever need to know about the famous Japanese traditional wear, the kimono: its history, symbolism, key components of the garment and its variations!

S12E2: Study Saturday - Already... Anymore... (もう)

This week’s Study Saturday will be yet another one that’s easy to incorporate into your everyday conversations. This grammar can be used to say two things: already and anymore.

S12E1: The Yin and Yang of Japanese Fashion

This episode will give you a tease into what Season 12 has in store, by giving an overview of wafuku and yofuku respectively

S11E4: Study Saturday - Whether or Not... (かどうか)

Podcast host Azra is bringing you another simple yet very commonly used grammar point for this week’s Study Saturday: we’re going to look at how to say "whether or not…"

S11E3: What is White Day, and How to Celebrate It?

This episode is all about White Day — what it is, how it came about, and how to celebrate it!

S11E2: Study Saturday - Japanese Particles

Particles are the first few things you notice when learning Japanese is the particles. Podcast host Azra covers the most important particles you need in the next few minutes!

S11E1: How Significant is Sakura in Japanese Culture?

Sakura is a thing of the past, present and future of Japan. The unofficial flower of Japan is going to be the topic to kick this new season off!

S10E14: Discuss Japanese Mannerisms with TikToker Matcha Samurai!

In this season finale episode, TikToker Matcha Samurai joins our host Azra in discussing the various aspects of Japanese mannerisms, including sharing personal experiences.

S10E13: Study Saturday - From...Until... (から・まで)

As you read from the title, we’re going to break down the way to say “from…until…” in Japanese!

S10E12: Proper Etiquette For These 3 Japanese Occasions

This episode will cover a few different special occasions along with the unique customs and mannerisms that come with them: weddings, funerals, and home visits.

S10E11: Study Saturday - Romantic Japanese Phrases to Use on Valentine's Day!

As part of our Valentine's Day special episode, we discuss a few romantic phrases in Japanese to use this upcoming romantic holiday!

S10E9: Study Saturday - While... (ながら)

Do you do two things at the same time? Learn this grammar point "while" to express that in Japanese!

S10E8: Top 5 Rules on Japanese Work Behaviour

At work, you gotta behave. But in a Japanese work environment, different rules apply. In this episode, podcast host Azra lists down five rules to follow when at work in Japan.